Centerpiece Design Ideas -- Jungle Garden


Exotic Garden


Customers connection to nature is incredible, especially during these times of change. We look to connect with nature and find inspiration from unusual and distinctive items. Biophilic designs (connecting nature in our modern structures) bring a sense of health and well-being into our homes, offices and shared spaces.

The Jungle Garden combines everyday plant materials, such as Boston Fern, Wandering Jew and Garden Roses, with Indian Natraj Branches and Bleached Bell Cups. Incidentally, these bell cups are a food bi-product, made from harvested fruit.

Try the freshest items from to create a permanent or silk arrangement, or use live plants and cut flowers for that Jungle Garden look.



White CERAMIX GEO Pot with Removable Water Plug

White Wash Natraj

Natural Spanish Moss

Bleached Bell Cup Stem

Desert Dry Foam Green

25” Boston Fern Bush

27” Med Wandering Jew Hanging Bush

29" Pink/Green Rose Spray



Bind Natraj with wire or floral tape and base container before adding silks.